Tina Fey, the college years.

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Tina Fey talking about her daughters Alice and Penelope

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Rest in Peace, Audrey Kathleen Ruston aka Audrey Hepburn (May 4th, 1929 - January 20th, 1993)

Love does not terrify me. but the going away of it does. I have been made terribly aware of how everything can be wrenched away from you and your life torn apart. If I had known very secure nights all my life, if I had never seen or felt the fear of being tortured or deported or blown up into a million pieces, then I would not fear it.

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Emma Thompson & Meryl Streep | 20th SAG Awards (Jan. 18, 2014)

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Science fiction can, and should, be about reimagining social possibilities, not just blowing shit up in space; however, if you can reimagine social possibilities while blowing shit up in space, I am all for that.
— Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania (via planetaire)

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So blind.

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Emma Thompson: too fabulous for the oscars.

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whispering, “no,” at a character because you know they’re about to make a fool of themselves and kill you with second hand embarrassment

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Amy Poehler did a really cute thing, […] [her son] said his prayers before he went to sleep that she was going to win [a Golden Globe] and when she got home she put [the trophy] in his bedroom. So when he woke up, he was like “Yes I did it, I did it”. He was so excited, he felt like he had somehow engendered the trophy into existence, which is so cute.
—Michael Schur [x] (via susostyle)
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